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Eijffinger Wallpaper

During the first 100 years of its existence from when it started in 1875, Eijffinger was almost exclusively connected with wallpapers and has since introduced fabrics into its collection. Eijffinger produce elegant and luxurious collections of wallcoverings including wallpapers with flock and surface glass pearl effects.

The Eijffinger Zircon Wallpaper range introduces an exquisite collection of designer wallpapers, of which several dramatic designs are elaborated in a tight and modern style.

Eijffinger Gracia Wallpaper is an elegant and luxurious wallpaper collection. It is a true pearl for the interior. It is classical and timeless and matches the trend of luxury and comfort in your own living environment.

Eijffinger Zircon Wallpaper
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Eijffinger Wallpaper - Zircon Chain Link design

Chain Link

Eijffinger Wallpaper - Zircon Glitter design


Eijffinger Wallpaper - Zircon Outline design


Eijffinger Wallpaper - Zircon Satin design


Eijffinger Wallpaper - Zircon Shine design


Eijffinger Wallpaper - Zircon Squigle design


Eijffinger Wallpaper - Zircon Stripe design


Eijffinger Wallpaper - Zircon Dotty Damask design

Dotty Damask

Eijffinger Gracia Wallpaper
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Eijffinger Wallpaper - Gracia Birds Crystalised design

Birds Crystalised

Eijffinger Wallpaper - Gracia Birds Metallic design

Birds Metallic

Eijffinger Wallpaper - Gracia Circles design


Eijffinger Wallpaper - Gracia Damask Crystalised design

Damask Crystalised

Eijffinger Wallpaper - Gracia Damask Metallic design

Damask Metallic

Eijffinger Wallpaper - Gracia Dots Crystalised design

Dots Crystalised

Eijffinger Wallpaper - Gracia Pattern Crystalised design

Pattern Crystalised

Eijffinger Wallpaper - Gracia Stripe design